Empowerment Coaching and Sub-Conscious Block Release Therapy

I am a professional Empowerment Coach and Stress Release Therapist who can compassionately guide you in setting a path to creating the life you most want.


Kinesiology is an alternative therapy that identifies nutritional, structural and emotional imbalances. It combines manual muscle testing with the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Holistic Massages

These treatments include deep sweeping movements and the use of essential oils to restore physical and psychological well-being. These massages involve lymphatic drainage, acupressure and deep and soft movements.

About Mala Mistry


Hello and thank you for taking the time to visit my website!

I am a professional teacher, empowerment coach, a kinesiologist, trainer and a holistic therapist.

I speak from having extensive personal experience and from seeing many clients over the years.



What our happy customers say:

I have had Kinesiology and Emotional Stress Release for me but mainly for my children. The impact and difference it made has been immense. My daughter, aged 3, couldn't put herself to sleep, would wake up multiple times throughout the night and stay awake for hours. The same night after her session she started putting herself to sleep and staying asleep. It was amazing and unbelievable as we tried all the parenting techniques, none of which worked until her emotions around sleep was released. She also wouldn't sleep at all if we went to stay over somewhere so it made going on holiday impossible. However after 1 session on this issue we were able to have an enjoyable holiday. The best bit is that my daughter doesn't even need to be present for the session which makes it a lot easier. We have even used the therapy to improve her behaviour as she rebelled at all levels and after 1 session she started taking instructions. Even though i know the therapy works, each time I am amazed at how instantly it works. I would highly recommend this to anyone with children.
KD - Buisness Owner
I have been having Kinesiology sessions for myself and my children. It has helped us as a family with digestive issues and food intolerances that were causing other health problems. For the children it has improved issues such as anxiety, hyperness and sleep patterns. For me my knee pain has gone and I can climb up and down the stairs easily and I am surprised at how strong my legs feel!
SS - Housewife / Parent
I came to see Mala after suffering for several years with back and leg pain and I was taking high doses of painkillers. After having Kinesiology sessions with Mala I can manage my pain and it has allowed me to improve my lifestyle as I am more mobile. The stress the pain had caused my body is greatly reduced and I feel more energised and motivated to do things again. I am now putting into practise the suggested lifestyle changes and the food sensitivites that were identified in the session.
SB - Retired  
I feel much stronger emotionally and more in tune with what I want in life now in comparison to when I started the Empowerment Coaching & Stress Release Programme. I had lots of 'wow' moments and I keep finding myself saying things and dealing with situations differently.  I have finally learned to say no and to set clear boundaries. The most significant difference is that I have been able to deal with making some important decisions using the techniques I have learnt.  I feel more confident in checking in and trusting my feelings.  I definitely feel stronger and more prepared for what may lay ahead. I would definitely recommend this programme to others.  Whilst it is difficult to explain the process as it feels quite subtle and gentle,it has had a very powerful effect for me. Physically I now know the importance of self care, especially at times of stress. Psychologically I know that I cannot change other people's behaviour but I can change the way I react and the effect it has on me. I have set clear boundaries and am not prepared to be bullied again. Emotionally I am a much stronger person.


PL - Speech Therapist

I came to see Mala in regard to some emotional difficulties my daughter was having with night terrors. Mala was able to use me to act as proxy for my daughter and use her unique therapy to unravel the difficulties she was having. Mala used Stress Release Therapy to calm her emotions through a process of taking her from a high level of anxiety to a calm place. After visiting Mala my daughter went from having three or more night terrors a week to fizzling out to maybe one a fortnight before they disappeared altogether. I cannot thank Mala enough for her patience and her professionalism in dealing with this highly stressful issue in a way that was non-intrusive to my daughter. It has taken away the worry we had regarding the night terrors and how this was affecting her. Emotionally it has relieved an unconscious level of stress in her and she no longer suffers from night terrors or sleep walking. I would not hesitate to recommend Mala's services as she is able to tailor a bespoke package to your specific needs.

CO - Teacher


I have been having Empowerment Coaching & Stress Release Session with Mala. I was nervous at the beginning but when it came to the treatment, Mala was very professional and friendly and I felt very comfortable. I used this service at a very crucial time in my life, I was at a loss and on shut down. I was very closed off and had no emotions. After several sessions, bit by bit and practising all the advice and tips Mala gave, I became confident again and starting living my life. I am happy as I always know Mala is there when I need her.

KM- Graphic Designer

Nirvana offers a complete holistic approach to those symptoms of the stressful life from which we all sometimes suffer. In a welcoming, calm and totally professional environment the suggested treatment allowed me to come away feeling totally relaxed and more in tune with an alternative way of healing. I have no hesitation in recommending Nirvana Holistic as a totally wonderful experience. 

SJ - Teacher

My experience with Nirvana Holistic can be summed up in three words, professional, warm and relaxing. Right from the onset, I was welcomed warmly. Mala was sensitive and considerate. I sensed peace and tranquillity. I would go back and recommend Nirvana Holistic.

JCN – Family Support Worker

Hello Mala. I thoroughly enjoyed my first Nirvana experience. The environment was clean, warm and friendly with relaxing, calming music to listen. Mala makes you feel totally at ease. Mala is the only one who could sort out my back problems and it was greatly appreciated! I have been back to Mala and had the Light Healing treatment which I would highly recommend. I have scheduled in repeat appointments - it is that good. I will certainly be trying other treatments now I have found Nirvana Holistic - Thank You Mala.

LB – Events Manager

Hi Mala. Just wanted to say thank-you so much for Light Healing Therapy I received from you the other day. It seems to have a fast and very effective power. I feel that it has helped me already even after one treatment. It seemed to help me release painful emotion easily and I feel that it rebalanced my chakras and helped me to focus and think more clearly. Thanks again and I look forward so much to seeing you again. You have such a calm, warm, nurturing manner, you make an ideal therapist! With Love and Thanks.

JM - Therapist

I have been using Nirvana - Mind, Body and Soul services for a few years now. The treatments received have always been personalised to suit my needs and the service impeccable. I would without hesitation recommend this healing organisation to anyone. This is the only place I use for massage therapies and always look forward to it and feel so refreshed and ready, to continue to face our ever so hectic lifestyles. 

AT - Teacher

I have been using Nirvana Mind Body & soul for over 10 years now. I initially was recommended to Mala after struggling with back issues which were very quickly resolved. Since then I have regular relaxation massages to relieve the knots accumulated through the stresses of being a working mum. I feel the experience you get through Nirvana Holistic is very professional yet personnel and would recommend it to anyone needing a little time out. 

PK- Optometrist